Wednesday, July 4, 2012

GII 2012 Middle East analysis

For the second year running two Middle Eastern countries have been named among the top 40 most innovative countries in the world, while rising star Jordan came in at 21 for innovation efficiency.

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were ranked 33 and 37, in the GII 2012 down seven and three places respectively on last year’s ranking. Elsewhere in the region Bahrain increased five places to 41, Oman lifted 10 spots to 47 and Saudi Arabia up six to 48.

But in a separate innovation efficiency index, which shows how innovation inputs are best translated into innovation outputs, it was the low-to-middle income Middle East nations which mostly outperformed their oil-rich neighbours. The top five countries for the region were Jordan (at 21 in the world), Kuwait (54), Tunisia (59), Lebanon (73) and Egypt (78).

Innovation-based growth is crucial to all Middle Eastern countries facing the challenges of economic diversification, changing demographics, engagement of youth and globalization. 


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