Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Here's what the panelists today had to say about innovation...

Sibusiso Sibisi, National Advisory Council on Innovation, South Africa, would like to see the sub-title of the GII report expanded to read "Innovation linkages for global growth and global public good."

Werner Bauer, Nestle CTO, says that people are a thousand times more valuable than systems or money.

Mohammed Al-Suwaiyel, KAST Saudi Arabia believes that innovation is essential for developed and developing worlds to achieve their potential, but the tools are different:

Jeong Kim, Bell Labs/Alcatel-Lucent says that quality matters in terms of people. Research is global and development can be global. You have to collaborate with the best minds around the world but in order to get the global benefit you have to tailor the results to local regions and needs.

WIPO DG Francis Gurry - Innovation is too important as an economic and social phenomenon to be overly-politicized.

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