Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This year's Global Innovation index includes several changes in methodology, according to INSEAD Professor Soumitra Dutta, who created the index five years ago and is one of the authors of the current report. First, the researchers added a focus on online creativity: how countries and economies used their online presence..second, the report looks anew at the economic sustainability of innovation as evidenced in the 141 countries analyzed for the GII report.

Overall, the GII is the average of seven pillars used to measure innovation: five input and two output pillars. The top 10 countries include a mix globally: most are European, two are Asian, and the US represents North America.

New this year in the index is the Innovation Efficiency Ratio, which is innovation inputs divided by innovation outputs. In this regard, China, India and Moldova are the top three countries, showing their ability to be innovative despite the lack of traditionally supportive political architecture.

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