Monday, June 25, 2012

The Global Innovation Index Partners Speak Out on the Role Innovation Plays in Today’s Economy

Ben Verwaayen, CEO
Alcatel Lucent

Innovation is a fuel for the economy: of cities, of countries, of regions…it’s not just the “Eureka” moments or technology; it’s also new ways to package, to find and create value. It’s collaboration between the private and public sectors. Real innovation comes from the environment that stimulates it, and the Global Innovation index is a valuable tool because it’s a benchmark telling us “maybe we should work on this differently.”

Per-Ola Karlsson, Senior Partner, Managing Director Europe
Booz & Company

Innovation is essential for humanity at large on a number of levels: it is the development of new products and services but it is also developing new ways of doing things. Europe can do more to drive its innovation agenda, especially in competitiveness, or it risks falling behind the rest of the world.

Chandrajit Benerjee, Director-General
Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)

The challenges to the world economy over the past two years has meant a renewed focus on how to apply the tools of innovation. These include good networking, collaboration, and suitable linkages to facilitate cultural exchange, research & development and sharing best practices to build the necessary insight and knowledge.

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